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For the ideal adaptation to existing production processes



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Closing days

   Our location in Neukirch / Schmorkau
   remains closed:


  23.12.24 - 03.01.25

   No goods acceptance / delivery takes 
   place on these days.


Process cycle on a HSC Twin Contour

Our current video shows the loading, milling and automatic unloading during the production of small parts.

Additional equipment

additional equipment automtic loading system

Additional options for application-specific adaptation of all Portatec systems


Options, general

  • Chip silo with program-controlled, automatic emptying
  • Two-circuit minimum quantity cooling lubrication for using different media


Options for loading and unloading

  • Manual removal table, movable on wheels
  • Manual loading system with vacuum lifting device, column or portal crane versions
  • Automatic removal table
  • Automatic loading system
    • Optionally with automatic positioning during loading
    • For loading pre-positioned semi-finished products


Options for handling heavy semi-finished products

  • Pneumatically actuated, massive stops in the machine table
  • Blower function for moving large plates by means of the air-cushion effect
  • Increased portal passage

3-D probe for surface and edge detection


Monitoring functions

  • Text and e-mail notification when events occur
  • Remote diagnostic function


Comfort options

  • Vacuum pumps in the sound-insulation cabinet
  • Automatic, program-controlled height adjustment of suction system


Options for measuring equipment

  • 3-D probe for surface and edge detection with infrared measurement transmission
  • Camera system for detecting fiducial markers


Special equipment individually planned

  • Pneumatic clamping bar e.g. for profiles
  • Specialised devices
  • Additional tools for special application: