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One milling underlay – Many advantages



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Process cycle on a HSC Twin Contour

Our current video shows the loading, milling and automatic unloading during the production of small parts.

Functional principle


vilmill™ as a clamping mechanism


With its optimized adhesive coating, vilmill™ guarantees the reliable fixation of delicate parts.

The heat at the milling edge which is produced during machining leads to its embedding by melting onto the vilmill™ surface.

A positive fit arises between the milled part and underlay, which makes secure force transmission possible.

Detachment is possible without residue.


vilmill™ as vacuum diffusor


In addition to adhesion through heat, the air-permeable textile supports the uniform distribution of the vacuum over the contact surface of the milled part. This is particularly effective in the case of delicate contours.



vilmill™ as separator


vilmill™ serves as a milling underlay with a thickness of 0.2 mm. The semi-finished product is completely milled through and the machine table remains undamaged.

The dimensional stability is excellent.


vilmill™ as conveyor belt


Furthermore, vilmill™ provides support in transporting away milled parts and scrap skeletons on a removal table. This happens lightning-fast, either fully automatically or manually.

The overall concept

All PORTATEC milling systems are designed for using vilmill™. The most important component here is the interaction between the vacuum table and vilmill™. Decisive here are the geometry of the bores in the vacuum table and a powerful vacuum supply.

To use vilmill™ technology with milling machines from other manufacturers, it is possible to place a vacuum plate as an additional element on the original vacuum table. PORTATEC offers this solution. Fastening is done individually.