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Basic Series - simply excellent performance



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Process cycle on a HSC Twin Contour

Our current video shows the loading, milling and automatic unloading during the production of small parts.

Milling Machine PORTATEC BASIC
  • For open machining at limited spindle speed and feed
  • Moderate degree of individualization
Rapid feed speeds
  • up to 22 m/min
Milling spindles
  • grease-lubricated, up to 15 kW and 27 000 rpm
  • Tool interface HSK E40
  • Ball screws in all axes
  • Program-controlled vacuum field switching, optionally with two vacuum levels
  • Size and number of vacuum fields individually configurable
  • Generous pipe diameter (70 mm) for high output
  • Height adjustment of the suctioning bell, manual or automatic and program-controlled
  • Machine table open, enclosure optional
  • „Safety Integrated“ control function
  • Bumper on the portal (for open construction)
  • Tool-enclosing suction bell with collision sensor
  • Negative pressure monitoring of the vacuum table
  • Monitoring of the suction
  • Monitoring of the minimum
    quantity spray lubrication
Energy and convenience 
  • Moveable control panel on rollers
  • Energy management of the supply units and peripheral devices
  • Automatic “power off” function
  • Monitoring and notification functions, e.g. via SMS
  • Automatic tool measurement
  • Program-controlled minimum quantity lubrication, exact and accurately repeatable
Accessories for individual coordination
  • 3-D probe for edge and surface scanning
  • Program-controlled emptying pre-separator for chips
  • CAM program for immediate production start

portal milling machine PORTATEC BASIC


Quality features of the milling machine type BASIC


  • High degree of individualisation and excellent integration capability
  • Cost-effective design
  • High degree of automation due to process-reliable operations
  • Robust base frame with high stiffness
  • Generously dimensioned drives
  • Qualitatively superior purchased parts
  • Long service life due to long-term availability of spare parts
  • Compatibility with modern CAM software
  • Very easy operation and short training period thanks to SIEMENS controls



Standard dimensions of the work surfaces (vacuum surfaces) for PORTATEC BASIC milling machines:


The travel lengths exceed the work surfaces by 50 mm each way.
The standard portal passage heights are 100 mm or 200 mm; higher passages can also be realized on customer request.


Length/ width (mm) Designation of milling machines Number of vacuum fields
2,000/1,000 BASIC 20 – 10 8 or 16
3,000/1,500 BASIC 30 – 15 18 or 36
3,000/2,000 BASIC 30 – 20 24 or 48
3,660/1,250 BASIC 36 – 12 40
4,000/2,000 BASIC 40 – 20 32 or 64