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Closing days

   Our location in Neukirch / Schmorkau
   remains closed:

  10.05.2024; 23.12.24 - 03.01.25

   No goods acceptance / delivery takes 
   place on these days.


Process cycle on a HSC Twin Contour

Our current video shows the loading, milling and automatic unloading during the production of small parts.

Standard equipment

Standard equipment of a PORTATEC system

Powerful vacuum clamping table

  • Program-controlled vacuum field switching
  • Vacuum generation with efficient claw pump technology
  • Negative pressure monitor
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the vacuum pumps as needed


High-performance suctioning with minimum quantity cooling lubrication (MQL)

  • Chip suctioning with generously dimensioned cross section
  • Height-adjustable suction bell with integrated MQL
  • electrical high-precision pump for highly reliability and exact dosing, for every machining step separately programmable
  • Large 20-litre supply tank for the MQL
  • Sensor for detecting clogs or leakage in the suction system


Top quality components

  • Rigid recirculating roller guides in all axes
  • Liquid-cooled milling spindles, min. 27 000 rpm
  • SIEMENS control SINUMERIK 840D in air-conditioned control cabinet
  • SIEMENS drives
  • SKF central lubrication

suction bell with collision sensor


Energy and comfort

  • Control panel, movable on rollers
  • Energy management of the supply units and periphery devices
  • Automatic „Power Off“ function
  • Tool magazine with at least 18 tools
  • Automatic tool length measurement